The Internet offers journalists an endless source of new and controversial stories. In fact every minute there are more than 100 hours of video footage uploaded to YouTube. The videos often miss key facts in order to turn the footage into a story: Where were they shot? When were they filmed? In which context was the video created? Who has published the video and why?

Because of the Internet’s permanent background noise, but mainly because of the information censorship in crisis regions, it is very difficult not only for local media but also for correspondents at site to receive verified information, to classify content contextually and to prove sources correctly in order to use the footage journalistically.

The center wEYE’s work is verification and contextualization of user-generated content. Two key requirements must be met to make the service work: First, the content must be verified and curated, secondly essential information on the videos and the events they describe must be collected. Thus it is possible to search and find content specifically.

wEYE secures a hearing for those people, whose stories about the struggle for human rights get lost in the background noise of the Internet. For this reason, we are establishing YouTube for human rights; a platform, where change makers from around the world can upload, comment and verify human rights videos securely.

Project Management

Isabel Gahren is co-founder of wEYE and works as a freelance multimedia journalist (TV, online and print) and project assistant for the M100 Sanssouci Colloquium. After her studies in Hamburg and Barcelona, she has been working as an editor for many production companies, ARTE and other TV broadcasters for several years. Isabel moved from TV to digital media to find out how the Internet can help to enforce human rights worldwide. She also managed an initiative on human rights and the web for the Internet & Society Collaboratory.


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setup of the human rights community

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product development und PR

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design und software development

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business model and financing

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blogger network

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partner network

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Project duration: nine months