Zweiköpfiges Projektteam Newsbriefs vor grauer Backsteinwand
Media Founders Program

What are your project goals?

40 million immigrants live in Europe. Accessing News for them is difficult as all the major news outlets provide news in local languages. Newsbriefs provides news in English in easy formats to keep immigrants informed and accelerates their integration with the local society. Newsbriefs has now grown to 150K+ users across Europe.

As part of the program, we will work on:

1) improving user engagement - smarter solutions such as feed personalization, targeted notification, and positive reinforcement by mapping subscriber behavior.

2) making content creation more efficient - using NLP solutions to identify and summarise news. 

How can Newsbriefs change media and journalism?

Newsbriefs helps journalism reach the most underserved audience in Europe i.e. immigrants. The current media outlets do not focus on this audience and the pandemic has made it clear that news is essential for immigrants to survive and integrate into the local society. Newsbriefs also works on optimising the delivery formats for a time poor audience. With the time spent on news consumption decreasing, we want to help readers get maximum relevant information in the shortest possible time. We aspire to make quality journalism accessible to all.

Who are you?

There are two core team members: Krishnaprasad Kesavan and Hariprasad Kesavan.

Krishna leads the product development at Newsbriefs. He has worked with companies such as Delivery hero, Sixt, and Ola building products for the global audiences before founding Newsbriefs. He moved to Germany three years ago and faced the problem of accessing news personally which motivated him to build a solution in this space.

Hari heads the content and growth teams at Newsbriefs. He has worked with startups as a growth and operation lead. He with the team of journalists identifies and curates the news relevant for immigrants in Europe.

Informationen zum Förderprogramm

Das Projekt wird im Rahmen des Media Founders Program – eines gemeinsamen Förderprogramms des MIZ Babelsberg und des MediaTech Hub Accelerator – gefördert.




Marion Franke


Marion leitet den Bereich Innovationsförderung. Sie ist Ansprechpartnerin für alle Fragen zu den Förderbedingungen, der Antragstellung und verantwortlich für die Betreuung der Projekte.

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