AfroTraveler (AT)  is a web app and TV show. The app supplies travel information and real-time interactions mainly for black travellers from Africa and the Americas.

The app is the story generator for the same-named TV-show. In the TV-show four AfroTravelers will travel different parts of the world and tell their stories and experiences.

The app reviews, rates, flags and recommends different services such as airlines, hotels, restaurants, bars and night clubs. It also reviews and flags discriminatory treatments of an AfroTraveler at border checkpoints in and outside of Africa.  

About Girma Fantaye
International Scholar at MIZ-Babelsberg

Girma Fantaye is an Ethiopian writer and journalist based in Kampala, Uganda. He was the cofounder of the now defunct Amharic weekly newspaper and website called Addis Neger in Ethiopia. He was fellow at John S. Knight Fellowship at Stanford University in the USA working on making media in Exile sustainable and relevant.  He also published collections of poetry and a novel in Amharic.