VR-A100 is a journalistic virtual reality project to visualize the planned 17th construction stage of Berlin's A100 motorway. The VR application illustrates visually and audibly how the cityscape will change through the 17th stage of construction in the district of Kreuzberg-Friedrichshain. Visitors can virtually go along the planned route and visit five different locations, using the web-based offer. The service uses a mixture of 180- and 360-degree photos and videos, computer-generated images and sound recording.

An overview map enables the user to “experience” the five locations - such as the balcony of a house overlooking a planned tunnel entrance or a motorway ramp and exit. Users can select before and after views and consider several planned alternatives. At each stage an expert will explain the challenges of the construction site. There will be optional sound recordings, which will enhance the immersive experience.

All information regarding the project progress can be access via VRjournalist.de.

The VR-project is published in cooperation with the Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (rbb) as an interactive browser-web-app as well as a linear animation for video and TV usage. In addition, there will be a virtual reality smartphone web app.


Project responsibility

Lorenz Matzat
Lokaler UG

Project news

Find out more about the current progress and the virtualization of the planned construction phase of the city highway A100 here: vrjournalist.de/zwischenstand-a100-vr-projekt/


The MIZ-Babelsberg funded the VR-A100 project as part of the innovation funding for media professionals. The term of the promotion was six months.