The Media Innovation Center Babelsberg (MIZ) supports the project 'Klick.Pop' in collaboration with the Germany-wide online radio station detektor.fm. Interactive features for music formats are to be developed and produced.

Most of the music industry felt threatened by the Internet instead of seeing it as an opportunity. An unclear copyright, especially in Germany, makes users and producers face the question of how they can deal with music on the Internet. Thus innovative ideas are difficult to establish. Klick.Pop aims to advance music journalism in Germany and separate it from more traditional formats.

Music content shall be told with scrollytelling to enable the user to experience stories interactively. Audio content is meant to be in the centre of attention. The project team, Isabelle Klein, Birte Kohring and Caterina Reinker want to find out how new narrative forms can be integrated into the daily editorial work of radio stations. The project will show interactive, intuitive stories about artists, bands, scenes and developments in the music industry - and thus a contemporary form of music journalism.

The editorial team

Isabelle Klein loves radio, music and innovations. As a scholarship holder of the MIZ she's able to combine all three of them. When not fine-tuning scrollytelling formats in Potsdam, she lives and works in Cologne as a freelance writer, among other things, for Deutschlandradio, and as a presenter for the online radio ByteFM. Previously, she studied communications and radio journalism in Münster and Leipzig and raged herself out at the university radio stations Radio Q and mephisto 97.6.

Project partner

Project partner is the Germany-wide online radio detektor.fm.  The station combines profound journalistic topics with handpicked music. Currently detektor.fm is considered as one of the most innovative online radio stations in Germany and has been awarded several times for their concept (e.g. German Radio Award 'Best Innovation ', 'Kultur- und Kreativpiloten' of the Federal Ministry of Economics and two nominations for the Grimme Online Award). The station consistently committed to broadcast on the Internet.

Project management:

Gregor Schenk, Head of Music und Christian Bollert, General Manager.


The MIZ-Babelsberg realizes the project along with detector.fm as part of the innovation funding with project partners for journalists.
Funding period: 05/2016 - 11/2016